Kate to the rescue!




My name is Kate To The Rescue!  My mission is life to rescue animals primarily from the streets of San Antonio TX!  I then rehabilitate them and adopt them out to loving families!  

I currently rent a 3,000 sq ft commercial space where I operate a cage-less (with the exception of at night when the dogs sleep in crates) animal rescue and rehab center!


I have informally rescued animals my whole life, but I was first inspired to help the street dogs and cats of San Antonio in 2008 after I first visited this Texas city.  I was visiting a city park looking for the perfect picnic spot when I noticed dogs running loose in the park.  Realizing that they were all strays I made up my mind that the next dog I saw I was going to save.  I then turned a corner and saw my Ellie, she was a feral chow/akita mix.  She was VERY fearful of people and it took some creative steps on my part to catch her but I refused to give up on her and finally got a leash around her neck!  After I got her home I was surprised to find that Ellie was pregnant and she gave birth to 8 puppies nearly a month after I saved her from the streets!


Ellie before and after giving birth to 8 puppies!

(My Ellie, you are missed every second of every day RIP 2013)


During my visit to San Antonio I rescued another dog and a cat as well!  I also learned that San Antonio has a very large stray dog population, reaching well over 100,000 dogs that live in the city streets and parks.  It was then that I realized my mission in life is to save each and every one of these animals and give them the same loving home that I was providing for my newest dogs!

Since then I have gone on to specialize in capturing and rescuing feral street dogs and cats in need!

Robert and Angel Hangin out

Professional Vegan Body Builder and personal friend, Robert Cheeke spending time with Angel, a rescue kitty who's back legs were paralyzed.

Now that I am following my heart and my passion in life I have been lead to many dogs and cats in need, by chance, by God or by accident, who knows but I know that I am on the right path in life!  

I do my best to document my amazing animal rescue adventures whenever I can on video and you can check out my YouTube Channel to see more of what I do!


Thanks for your support!


- Kate To The Rescue!